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Specializing in electronic navigation charts

Electronic navigation chart library
Combat Operating System


A leading company in developing highly-customized systems

Our goal is to become a multinational engine service provider by 2025.

Electronic Navigational Chart

ENDCS provides developer class library based on electronic navigation chart

Cyber Visualization and Exercise

ENDCS develops cyber decision-making system and cyber mock exercise system for national defense.

Tactical Control

We develop tactical control system using electronic navigation chart and 3D simulator.

Marine autonomous navigation

Safety marine technology and autonomous navigation development



We enable developers to easily access to navigation chart development, and enChart, our signature product, is a class library designed to fit every application using electronic navigation chart and SI development.

Our clients can reduce expense by using enChart class library for various projects, and ensure system reliability by using ready applied functions. Also, we help our clients to smoothly continue their projects and developments using electronic navigation chart. Therefore, by using common modules, both developer satisfaction and their project performance increase.


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